Goodbye Forever.

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Logan Paul

8 måneder siden

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It’s time to move on.

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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

Mathew Immanuel
Mathew Immanuel 8 måneder siden
The realest fanbase I've ever witnessed. Proud to be a part of this community even after the dark times.
AshleyTheFam Hellard
AshleyTheFam Hellard 5 dager siden
We love you Logan
ChristoBlois Christopher DeBlois
ChristoBlois Christopher DeBlois 6 dager siden
And I don't hate I just want him to know there is a real world beneath what you idiot fans see.... And yeh I am global.. fact check ✔️
Timi Ayeni
Timi Ayeni 29 dager siden
Gong Goon
Gong Goon Måned siden
Redrbplayz Måned siden
@49ersfan collectibles huh
Prod. EhJay47
Prod. EhJay47 10 timer siden
0:34 he’s running like an old man😂😂
Eredar Boxing TV
Eredar Boxing TV Dag siden
logan paul the man.. big fan from the 🇵🇭
Vendingmachine4life 4 dager siden
he became so mature
CamReid Totally
CamReid Totally 4 dager siden
WHY WHY WHY WHY THAT CAR ): rip to the og car
Harry Ladkin
Harry Ladkin 4 dager siden
Groove Fretboard
Groove Fretboard 5 dager siden
Check my patented fretboard invention 🎸🤘🏽 help me get it to some major bands
Ernesto Aguilar
Ernesto Aguilar 6 dager siden
That was on my bday
Mark H
Mark H 6 dager siden
8 rounds with Floyd Mayweather?
Cuties_n_Peaches 6 dager siden
Me living in Colorado knowing where they are through out this whole video...
ChristoBlois Christopher DeBlois
ChristoBlois Christopher DeBlois 6 dager siden
If only I really did go bye forever lmao world be a better place
Mark G
Mark G 7 dager siden
Marcos Palomares
Marcos Palomares 7 dager siden
they kicked your ass hahaha
Melina Perez
Melina Perez 7 dager siden
Por que no hablan en español si ponen así el titulo
Александр Бауэр
Александр Бауэр 7 dager siden
Почему название на русском?
JayBiccs 7 dager siden
Колби Хаос Ковингтон
Колби Хаос Ковингтон 9 dager siden
Лучший 💪🏻🦁
sobiesky Jimenez
sobiesky Jimenez 10 dager siden
JESUS LOVES YOU. Come back. 💚
SuperJiggawhat 10 dager siden
I just subscribed...for the feet.
Kristoffer Lerbakk
Kristoffer Lerbakk 13 dager siden
Can you please start vlogging again
Mason Sleep
Mason Sleep 14 dager siden
i fuck with you, late on the schedule
Kalle Halme
Kalle Halme 15 dager siden
Logan has matured. Jake is still annoying
Zek Man
Zek Man 15 dager siden
Mr Beast better step up
Leah Hughes
Leah Hughes 16 dager siden
Logan is so humble know and he really wants kids
Just Vibin Bacon
Just Vibin Bacon 17 dager siden
5:07 wtf
Jellal Mystogan
Jellal Mystogan 18 dager siden
Im the 18,000th comment logan should gift me xD
Seth Voilet
Seth Voilet 18 dager siden
Damn it, I thought this meant he was leaving NOwindow
Joseph Ward
Joseph Ward 19 dager siden
Too bad you are still around
Jalaj Rathour
Jalaj Rathour 19 dager siden
why isnt anyone wearing masks ffs
Adesfdsg Sfseg
Adesfdsg Sfseg 21 dag siden
Maybe Logan has matured (actually, for sure), but come on guys! He has always been so nice to people, bringing them motivation and so many other things. He helped many in their paths. Why are people seeing this only now, as if he wasn't already that kind of person ? xd
Just Here to Watch Videos and Sometimes Comment
Just Here to Watch Videos and Sometimes Comment 21 dag siden
That car montage made me cry remembering all his Vines
Alexi Boris
Alexi Boris 21 dag siden
Still don’t like his guts, but good on him for giving away a car.
MalaHigh 22 dager siden
The ending 🥵😳
meetfloodwac 22 dager siden
Logan is so much better than jake . Jake ALWAYS looks like he’s high .
Apple Terrell
Apple Terrell 23 dager siden
Did him and Josie break up
vedant sah
vedant sah 23 dager siden
I miss Logan daily vlogging and me waiting eagerly for them..!!
M 21 dag siden
Soccer is the biggest and most important sport on Earth and is massively popular in over 240 countries. American football is only popular in the USA. Soccer will be the most popular sport in the USA by 2050 ydjvd
don't touch
don't touch 24 dager siden
_KLIN_ Game's
_KLIN_ Game's 25 dager siden
Я один русский ?
sad mel
sad mel 25 dager siden
i miss watching him he was all i used to watch..
Jane Gavin
Jane Gavin 26 dager siden
Help the people that truly need it.
yoeykaps 27 dager siden
is it me or i miss the old dumbass stoopid crazy paul this is me after watching his grills video
Thoughtmaker 202
Thoughtmaker 202 27 dager siden
It sucks cause i cant join the maverick club cause i have no money imagine how cool it would be for logan to just call and have a genuine conversation and just make your entire day that would be a great birthday present for me
Devin chrishaun
Devin chrishaun 29 dager siden
Dakota Skyy
Dakota Skyy Måned siden
Swords are cool.
Princess Kay
Princess Kay Måned siden
Where’s ginger
Tiredofchoice 27 dager siden
Sent away
Hookz Krest
Hookz Krest Måned siden
oh my days he’s so fkn different. I remember watching the prank where he got shot against us window at his old apartment
Lily Jones
Lily Jones 25 dager siden
same dude I haven't watched him for a long time just came back to see what's up
John Karakoulas
John Karakoulas Måned siden
i cant believe they actually broke up :(
blakesilvermark1 Måned siden
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor Måned siden
Did I just press the like button on a Logan Paul video
In The Darknxss
In The Darknxss Måned siden
I feel that I can’t believe I’m watching them and enjoying them
Florencia T
Florencia T Måned siden
What's the song at min. 4:00?
-VänsterVanten- Måned siden
The end tho HAHAH
Sharon Sanders
Sharon Sanders Måned siden
me waiting for the drift..... 😂
Simon reiseter
Simon reiseter Måned siden
Ayvenn Simon
Ayvenn Simon Måned siden
did we memers just win
Just Dennis
Just Dennis Måned siden
Damn he wasn’t kidding lmfao, “goodbye forever” and this was his last real vlog
Shreyas Arora
Shreyas Arora 3 dager siden
@M calling it soccer doesn't help m8
X A N T H A N 黄原胶
X A N T H A N 黄原胶 8 dager siden
@M why is this information relevant?
Milk 20 dager siden
@M ok
M 21 dag siden
Soccer is the biggest and most important sport on Earth and is massively popular in over 240 countries. American football is only popular in the USA. Soccer will be the most popular sport in the USA by 2050 hduv
Wuuu Wu
Wuuu Wu 28 dager siden
Miss the old times where he would upload every day and all the animals where alive
Jose Martin
Jose Martin Måned siden
Alguien en latinoamerica
Facundo Damian Adamski
Facundo Damian Adamski Måned siden
Si mi pana
Creggy Måned siden
Yes pls quit youtube and ur brother
___NİKOTİN___ Måned siden
we can barely imagine the lux car. It is impossible for us to earn money like you 😥
MIIKΛ-MΛƬƬI Måned siden
I like this new Logan.
John Saddle
John Saddle Måned siden
The car that started it all
Cassio Chory
Cassio Chory Måned siden
Nah fam, the Vlogs are needed
Travel Fun
Travel Fun Måned siden
Can anyone tell me what happened to him and josie
ALFA Raindrop
ALFA Raindrop Måned siden
420K likes, I’m here for it
Felix Spaghetti
Felix Spaghetti Måned siden
h mofid
h mofid Måned siden
Logan your a lost cause just delete your channel
paige burke
paige burke Måned siden
Sorry if this is rude but not everybody/everything you see on the internet is real kids..
Xoeful Måned siden
I miss these vlogs, new Logan is so chill and fun to watch.
Christina Todo
Christina Todo 16 dager siden
Vic3qo Måned siden
try to stop JAKE PUAL
Kîårã Áñdrëw
Kîårã Áñdrëw Måned siden
Missed him 💗😭
good question
good question Måned siden
Don't do it dont give me hope
Efrain Espinoza
Efrain Espinoza Måned siden
The ending was perfect
Kenneth Barbaran
Kenneth Barbaran Måned siden
Gracias por los subtitulos
Jude Brodie
Jude Brodie Måned siden
Deez nuts
Azenvvs Måned siden
This made me cry man
Lee Harvey O.
Lee Harvey O. Måned siden
Logan Paul: Goodbye forever. Me, deep inside: *Don't do that. Don't give me hope.*
KING T.J Måned siden
KING T.J Måned siden
Wynd Vyper
Wynd Vyper Måned siden
Cool coil
Chandler Smith Vlogs
Chandler Smith Vlogs Måned siden
I miss the old Logan Paul... but I know now he’s becoming a better person and that’s good
hero striker
hero striker Måned siden
Trade with iso photi
Andwoo Måned siden
You’re around 7 months to late for that
Marvin Yoani
Marvin Yoani Måned siden
And after the prime times, logan paul decided to open some pokemon packs
Marcus D
Marcus D Måned siden
White_Wolf Måned siden
Logan is so much more mature now but still has his amazing humor
Lavoori Akhil
Lavoori Akhil Måned siden
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Common Sense
Common Sense Måned siden
Fuck I left for 2 years I come back you got rid of you Dodge Challenger
TooMuchPol Måned siden
this is pretty sus
OMIKRON_123 Måned siden
But i miss the old vlogs i mius coming home from school and seeing videos
Christopher Smay
Christopher Smay 2 måneder siden
thank god
JAY_LGD The Epic Dabber
JAY_LGD The Epic Dabber 2 måneder siden
are you dream?
Harmless Darkness
Harmless Darkness 2 måneder siden
Everyone’s just commenting how much Logan has matured rather than commenting about the actual video 😂
Ćűŕ4þęđ ř3æłïţ6 ğõď
Ćűŕ4þęđ ř3æłïţ6 ğõď 2 måneder siden
Nooo nooo nooooooooooo Don't give me Hope
Finlay Kalkman
Finlay Kalkman 2 måneder siden
ok ngl i dont care
Cuh Måned siden
Seems like I didn’t ask if you cared
Kapuro Noodles
Kapuro Noodles 2 måneder siden
When you thought Logan was talking about that cars but then realized it was about the vlogs
OG_PIayer242 FTW
OG_PIayer242 FTW 2 måneder siden
When he named the video “goodbye forever…” I don’t think he was talking about the car. He hasn’t posted a vlog since
Just Dennis
Just Dennis Måned siden
@Cameron Fischer Hes uploading vlogs on the maverick club
Cameron Fischer
Cameron Fischer Måned siden
He is training for the mayweather fight
Rasmus Clips
Rasmus Clips Måned siden
Fr bro kinda sad
proboy 2 måneder siden
Pov: my father leaving
caleb brewer
caleb brewer 2 måneder siden
Daily blogs plz
Maren Hori
Maren Hori 2 måneder siden
Na jk love your vids bro this maid my friend justin cry
Lil DCM 2 måneder siden
spillzz 123
spillzz 123 2 måneder siden
Stay safe
spillzz 123
spillzz 123 2 måneder siden
God bless ✝️✝️
Ian 2 måneder siden
that’s what i’m tAlking about logan!
William Hansson
William Hansson 2 måneder siden
hot feet
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